Entrepreneurs don't just imagine the future, they build it for a better world.

Our approach

ON MOOV is not just a simple investor:

We are your co-pilot in the entrepreneurial journey. Where others only see numbers, we perceive potential, passion, and ambition.

Every entrepreneur and every business is unique, which is why we adopt a personalized approach, blending entrepreneurial expertise with tailored guidance.

Our convictions?

Authenticity, optimism, and disarming simplicity.

Our strength?

An entrepreneurial perspective combined with a board member’s commitment.

With ON MOOV, you don’t walk alone. We are here, in the front row, ready to assist you in shaping the future and making a difference.


To help you succeed, ON MOOV guides you through 2 support axes.


On Moov participates in providing the necessary equity to help you start or reach a crucial stage of your development.

On Moov accepts the risk; investment is risky. We take our chances and we are ready to embrace failure… as well as success!

On Moov is financially flexible; we offer investment terms tailored to the specific needs of entrepreneurs, with no pre-built templates.

On Moov can guide entrepreneurs during their fundraising process and negotiations with other investors or partners.

On Moov commits to donating 5% of the profits realized to “60,000 Rebonds”, association promoting the professional and personal recovery of entrepreneurs who have liquidated their businesses.


In some cases, On Moov may take a seat on the board of directors or advisory board, and play an active role in the governance.

On Moov helps you establish efficient and responsible governance, enabling founders to be supported and challenged in their development and strategy.

On Moov can assist in making crucial decisions regarding the company’s direction, future fundraising, mergers and acquisitions…

On Moov is compatible with different types of shareholders (historical shareholders, VC, funds, banks, etc.). We can assist you in facilitating communication with your shareholders.

Why choosing 


A human-centered and collaborative approach


Experience to avoid mistakes and accelerate growth


Access to an extensive professional network

Our solutions

SolutionsStart-upPME / ETIAssociations & Fondations


Contribution between 50 and 100 K€ per project

  • Minority investment / always co-investment
  • Existence of technical and commercial proof of concept (POC) / existing turnover/revenue
  • Belief in the ability to bring significant added value

Board member

Participation on Boards of Directors/ Advisory Board


Sharing with entrepreneurs /leaders/ shareholders/directors (associations)

Customizable thematic workshops

For example :

  1. Partner Alignment
  2. Leadership & Management
  3. Entrepreneur's Balance and Performance
  4. Financial Performance and Funding
  5. Operations and Supply Chain
  6. Teams and HR Structuring
  7. Business Development
  8. Alignment and Strategy
  9. Association Governance Structuring
  10. Financial Management of Associations


Work in progress

Our implications

Our financial investments

Our involvements

Arnaud courdesses

Originally from Cahors, I arrived in Clermont-Ferrand in 1993 for my studies at ESC Clermont Business School. During that time, I crossed paths with Arnaud and Laurent, who would later become my business partners and lifelong friends. Together, we founded Babymoov in 1997, an entrepreneurial journey that saw us evolve from a startup into an international group with a turnover of 60 million euros and a presence in 40 countries.


In 2022, after 25 years, we handed over the leadership to Pierre Magro, a former intern who became the president. Since then, I have launched OnMoov, a company dedicated to investing in and supporting entrepreneurs.


Alongside my entrepreneurial journey, I chaired the Réseau Entreprendre Auvergne, founded the Foundation of Groupe ESC Clermont, and served as the president of Comex 40 of Medef Puy-de-Dôme.


Currently, I am passionately involved with the association 60,000 Rebonds, supporting entrepreneurs who have liquidated their company.